Yammer Widget

Embedding a Yammer feed into an interact homepage is a fairly common request, so let's look at that.

Microsoft provide a code template for embedding Yammer in a web page here

On that page choose the options that you want for your widget and copy the code to a text editor. The template code will be a snippet of HTML in an iFrame tag - but for the Interact widget we need just the URL from inside the snippet (the text inside the src attribute).


Use copy / paste to extract the URL the template tool has provided - it will look something like this:


(depending on the options you have selected in the code generator you will see different parameter values)

On the Interact page, add an iFrame widget and paste the URL into the Web Page URL field on the widget properies pane.



Legacy widget configuration

The previous procedure for creating a Yammer widget used a javascript snippet in the HTML widget - due to changes in the way Microsoft presents Yammer, this approach no longer works. If you are seeing an error or a message about cookies being blocked in an existing Yammer widget you will need to create a new widget using the instructions above and remove the old widget.