Developer Framework Settings

Interact Advanced Analytics supports configuration through the Developer Framework, to provide the capabilities to enrich the data and events captured within Advanced Analytics - from adding custom fields, controlling session length, to excluding certain user groups.

Settings & Custom Fields

All available options are displayed in the code snippet below.

// Optional Variables

// Default: 30 minutes
var sessionDuration = 30; // Time before resetting the interaction chain

// All user behaviour is tracked unless they are a member of one of the following
// List of primary company names to not track (case sensitive)
var excludedCompanies = [];
// List of primary location names to not track (case sensitive)
var excludedLocations = [];
// List of primary department names to not track (case sensitive)
var excludedDepartments = [];

// Optional Function

// Allows you to set the CustomFields to enrich the tracked data
var populateCustomFields = function (event, person, callback) {
    // Alternatively you can just use the supplied person object
    event.CustomField1 = person.AdditionalFields["WorkdayID"];
    event.CustomField2 = person.JobTitle;
    // Make sure to call the callback, or event won't be tracked
    return callback(event);
    // You could also use $.ajax to get data from any other APIs to retrieve additional information, and then call the callback function to track the event

Custom Events

Example: I want to track every click of the "HR - Help" button so that we can analyze the trends and needs internally.

This would allow you to segment the analytics data and analyze events specific to your organization and use cases.

The custom events will behave the same as the out-of-the-box events, will contain custom fields, and will be subject to exclusions.

You can also track custom events by calling this function.

TrackerNew.logEvent("My Custom Event");

The above line would send an event to Interact Advanced Analytics, with the eventName field, set to "My Custom Event".


More examples

There are a number of examples capturing events accessible through the menu bar on the left, by expanding the Developer Framework Settings category.