Enterprise Search

What is Enterprise Search?

Enterprise Search is Interact's technology for allowing any documents to be added to the search index on your intranet. It allows you to develop applications that will add documents from any other system into the Interact search engine.

This information will then be added to Interacts search database enabling Interact to apply it's full intelligence system to it, allowing documents from external systems to be @mentioned or surface as Interact Suggests offerings in exactly the same way as if the document was manually added by a content author.

From a user’s perspective, the only difference between information stored in the intranet and information stored elsewhere is the icon displayed in the search results. The icon that is displayed here can be configured when you set up the application.

In order to use Enterprise Search within Interact, you will need to create your own connector. This connector will communicate with the Interact Enterprise Search API. This will allow you to choose what is pushed into the search index and when. You can also write security settings into your connector.


Enterprise Search vs the REST API

It's worth pointing out that the Enterprise Search API is completely distinct from the REST API.

You do not need to authenticate with the REST API in order to use Enterprise Search

What’s Next

Learn how to configure Enterprise Search in Interact, and review the code sample for importing documents via the Enterprise Search API.