Workday Profile Picture Sync

A Workday Profile Picture integration can be accomplished via the Profile Pictures option above; however, Interact also has a more direct implementation with Workday. To accomplish this integration, the following needs to be setup:

  1. A Workday account with a standard login and password will be created for Interact. MFA cannot be enabled.
  2. This account will need access to a custom report that contains the necessary information for the daily feed (more details below).

Here is a sample custom report with one entry (note that picture binary data below has been redacted and actual picture binary data is much larger):

<wd:ReportData xmlns:wd="">
<wd:Worker>Kevin Smith</wd:Worker>
<wd:Employee_Email>[email protected]</wd:Employee_Email>
<wd:workerPhotos>Employee's Photo (Kevin Smith)</wd:workerPhotos>

Once these items are setup, you can create a Technical Support request to start the process. You will need to provide the URL to the custom report along with the login and password for Workday. Our TS team will start by verifying connectivity to Workday and custom report report. Once we download the report and verify the file layout, then we will work with you to map the fields from Workday to Interact. Once this is complete, we will perform some test runs of the integration which you will need to spot-check within "Manage Profiles". Once this is complete, the process will be scheduled to run once per week. Workday feeds are not run on Saturday as Workday has a Service Outage window on this day.

The Workday custom report must, at a minimum, contain whatever value is in the UID field of Interact (typically either email address or another unique identifier), first name and last name for each person.

Additional Notes:

**When you setup the Workday account, it is recommended that the service account be setup with a password that doesn't expire.