Stay in control of your Concur activities by adding our Concur integration to get real time notifications directly from Concur. The Concur notifications appear within the Interact Notifications bar:

  • Expenses - All expenses that require your approval will be be shown
  • Credit card - All credit card transactions which are not assigned to an expense claim will be shown


Interact utilises the SAP Concur API, which requires the Client Web Services permission. If you are unsure whether you have this, please speak to the Concur technical support team.

Configure Concur

To create a Concur API client, raise a support ticket with Concur's technical support team to request a client with the following settings:

The Concur team will then provide you with a Client ID and Client Secret.

Configure Interact Marketplace

  1. From Application Settings > Control Panel > Marketplace, select Concur
  2. Specify the Client ID and Client Secret from the Concur support ticket.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Raise a ticket with Interact's technical support team to enable the Concur tabs within the notifications panel.