JDBC Connectivity

You will find all of our documented JDBC connectivity options under this category.

AWS Athena JDBC Driver

You can find the latest JDBC drivers on this page.

If you require an older version of the JDBC driver, you can find them here.

Once downloaded, you will need to place the drivers in the appropriate locations, depending on your use case.

eg. Tableau will require you to place them here - other services may require different setups.

  • MacOS: ~/Library/Tableau/Drivers
  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Tableau\Drivers

Generally speaking, any specific BI vendor, will have JDBC setup instructions and binary locations documented.

Athena Workgroup Setting

Interact Advanced Analytics provides a separate Workgroup for each customer, and you need to specify the Workgroup when connecting to Interact Advanced Analytics.

Full documentation on the *AWS Athena JDBC Configuration can be found here.
Workgroup specifically can be found on page 104.

eg. AWS Athena JDBC with Tableau, achieve this by setting a key-value pair in the athena.properties file, in this location ~/My Tableau Repository/Datasources.

If the Workgroup name provided to you was Inc_Ltd, the contents of the file will need to look like this.


Depending on the BI vendor, you will either specify this in a similar fashion, via UI Additional Settings inputs, or via other means.

Interact Advanced Analytics Configuration

This will be provided to you as a part of the technical onboarding for Advanced Analytics, and will include the following details:

  • Server: eg. athena.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com (can be retrieved from here https://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/athena.html <- can change over time)
  • S3 Staging Directory: s3://{mybucket}-results/ (this is where the query results will be saved)
  • Access Key ID: This is equivalent to the username
  • Access Secret Key: this is equivalent to the password
  • Workgroup: This needs to be set for the connectivity to work - each vendor will accept and pass this setting to the JDBC slightly differently.
  • Database: This is the Athena database where your analytics data will be located.
  • Table Name: This is the Athena table where your analytics data will be located.