Custom CSS

Using the developer framework, it is possible to add Custom CSS to your Intranet, providing a power user with the facility to customise the look and feel of Interact without the help of the service desk and override the themes to some degree.

To add custom CSS, you can navigate to the developer framework pages by clicking on Application Settings > Control Panel > Developer Framework > MasterPage CSS. From here you can enter your CSS.

It's important to note that this CSS is included on every page within Interact except for popup boxes, and therefore can very easily interfere with aspects of Interact which you don't want it to.

Due to the way CSS is implemented in web browser, if you make some changes to the CSS that aren't appearing on screen, the first thing to try is to make the CSS selector more specific to the element, such that the browser prioritises your CSS modifications over the default Interact CSS


Please note - the examples listed in this section are just samples of code to demonstrate some of the things that can be accomplished with the developer framework and are not supported by the Interact Technical Support team