Getting Started with Interact

Extend Interact's potential

Customise the experience of your users and teams, build powerful integrations on top of Interact using our APIs and Developer Framework.


Interact consists of three different APIs for varying uses. We make changes to each of these APIs from time to time. Please read these pages carefully.

Profile Sources

The Profile Sources API provides the ability to synchronise user profiles from custom sources. Interact provides out-of-the-box connectors that will 'pull' user profile information from Active Directory and Azure Active Directory. The Profile Sources API allows a third party to 'push' profile information into Interact. Multiple Profile Sources can be defined to manage complex synchronisation from different third parties.

Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search API allows for the creation of new custom entities within the Interact search index. Through the API you can push index records and allow them to be searchable by your end users. Additionally, you can utilise Interact permissions to determine which users or groups of users can search for the custom entities.


The REST API provides access to the common core entities within Interact.



The authentication method varies between Interact's APIs

Developer Framework

Interact’s Developer Framework allows for customisations to be integrated to supplement Interact’s existing functionality.

The Developer Framework is not intended to be used to extend and/or alter the existing functionality of Interact.