SuccessFactors / SAP Connector

SuccessFactors / SAP Integration

In order to integrate SuccessFactors directly with Interact, you need the following:

  • Admin access to SuccessFactors
  • SAP CPI (Cloud Platform Integration)
  • Interact Power User access

What is SAP CPI

SAP CPI stands for Cloud Platform Integration; it is SAP's cloud-based middleware that connects users' SAP ERP systems with third-party products. These products can be cloud based, on-premises, SAP, or non-SAP. The service allows real-time data exchange between these systems.

There are two ways to integrate with SuccessFactors:

  • SF to Interact's UMI: file transfer approach
  • SF to Interact's SCIM API: SCIM API approach

The first approach (file transfer) has been used successfully by customers to integrate directly to Interact. The second approach appears to be possible but we have not confirmed that customers are using this method. The approach to this is discussed in this article:

The remainder of this article highlights steps needed in order to integrate with a file transfer approach.

When you are building the XML file in SAP CPI, there are a few things to take into consideration; otherwise, the XML file settings will cause some issues with user profiles. The Sample XML file listed on the developer portal is what you can use as a basis.

Login Type

<option name="loginType">1</option>

This will need changing to:

<option name="loginType">0</option>

The reason for changing this is because you are not using LDAP or an Azure type feed.

In order to handle missing/disabled users, there are a couple of options:

<option name="actionDisabledUsers">d</option>
<option name="actionMissingDeletedUsers">d</option>

Options are: d' (disable only), 'a' (archive), 'x' (do nothing)

Time Zone: Depending on where the user is based, this will need amending:

<timezone>Eastern Standard Time</timezone>

If based in the UK , it will need changing to:

<timezone>GMT Standard Time</timezone>