Custom HTTP Headers

Customers can configure custom HTTP headers to be added to Interact web application. This allows power users to add HTTP headers that can enable browser-specific settings as required.

HTTP headers that are added, are returned on every response, and are often used to increase the browsers default security stance, however, if misused can cause applications to fail and error. In addition to this, given that the headers can be used to increase or decrease security postures, settings can only be managed by the Interact Technical Support team.

If you would like to apply settings for this functionality, please contact the Interact Technical Support team, who will ensure the request is properly validated, recorded and audited, as well as being able to advise on the suitability of the more common headers.


HTTP headers are cached at the application layer, therefore any changes will not be seen in the browser until the cache has expired and refreshed.

For a list of common HTTP headers used with regard to security, please click here