App Development Kit

Interact is designed to be extensible out of the box. If you'd like to extend the functionality of your solution, this is made possible through the App Development Kit (ADK) - a straight-forward way to seamlessly deliver bespoke applications to your end-users, leveraging the power of the Interact Platform.

The ADK is so powerful, we often use it ourselves to extend the platform for our own needs, and often for very specific use-cases our customers share with us. The ADK has been used so extensively, that it has helped drive up the breadth and depth of our public API significantly.

You can use the ADK to build Custom Apps.

Custom Apps

Using the ADK, developers can create Custom Apps that are made available to platform administrators for use on Homepages - as Widgets, Content Pages - as Blocks, and more. Interact provides a powerful foundation upon which you can build real-time, interactive experiences for your end-users - all while taking advantage of the native platform capabilities such as user context, knowledge graph, and more.

Examples of custom apps include:

  • Customer Service Team Apps - build useful tools to support common workflows such as service plan pro rata calculators and change request workflows.
  • External System Embeds - easily embed existing applications and supply key context to enrich the view you give to your users.
  • Productivity Tools - integrate additional knowledge repositories for ease of access.

Using the App Development Kit gives your team the ability to foster a more engaged, productive workforce, while also leveraging your in-house development skills, all within a secure, trusted, and self-service environment - the Interact Platform.

What’s Next

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