ServiceNow widget gives the user access to select parts of ServiceNow. Interact users can view their, Incidents, Requests, Change Requests and Problems. They can also search for knowledge articles, make new requests and raise new incidents.

Configuring ServiceNow Application Registry

  1. Within your Application Registry, you must ensure that OAuth0 is active. By default, OAuth0 is active on new and upgraded instances.
  1. Create a 'New' OAuth application by clicking the 'New" button and selecting 'Create an OAuth API endpoint for external clients'

  2. Configure the values as outlined in the table below.

  1. Make a note of the Client ID, Client Secret and Instance Name - you will need this later on in the setup.
  2. Click submit.


Redirect URL

Prior to March 24 2021, the Redirect URL was not specified. However since March 24 2021 it is mandatory to be included as part of Interact configuration setup.


Configuring Interact Marketplace

  1. From Application Settings > Control Panel > Marketplace, select ServiceNow
  2. From the Application Registry, specify:
  • Client ID;
  • Client Secret;
  • Instance Name (the domain URL of your ServiceNow instance, including "https://").
  1. Click Save.


Editing Marketplace Configuration

The editing of existing Marketplace Configuration options, will forcibly purge authentication tokens of all users who have used the integration. Therefore requiring them to re-authenticate before being able to use the integration again, any scope changes will be immediately applied to the new access tokens (existing service provider access tokens won't automatically pick up changes until re-authentication.)

Common Errors

Missing redirect URL in application registration.Redirect URL has not been specified in the Application Registration or it's incorrect.
{"error_description":"access_denied","error":"server_error"}Whilst this is a generic error returned from ServiceNow covering a variety of issues, it may indicate that the Client Secret doesn't match that within ServiceNow Application Registry

Additional Consideration

Customers have asked if the ServiceNow logo can be removed from the widget that is seen by end users due to this application having a different name for their company. The logo can be hidden. If you need this, please contact our Technical Support team.