Glossary of Terms

Workplace Search

This is effectively a rebranding of "Search" across the whole of Interact.

It encompasses all things related to search, including "General/Quick Search" ,"Widgets", "Content Blocks", "Rescore", "Boosting", "Connectors", "Manage Pages", etc, etc.


A connector is a tool for defining a way for injecting data into Workplace Search index. We support both Native (fully managed) connectors and Custom connectors.

Native Connector

A native connector is a fully managed connector, which can be configured via JSON.

Custom Connector

A custom connector can be defined which allows for data to be injected into the Workplace Search index via the API.

Synchronisation Session

A synchronisation session is a mechanism for handling the automatic deletion of documents that were previously synchronised, which are no longer being synchronised.

External Identity

An external identity can be associated with a user and/or document and is used to enforce permissions access to synchronised content


A Document in the Workplace Search Index contains the textual content of the external content for the purpose of searching and seeing in Quick Search, General Search, Content Widgets and Content Listing block.

Clicking a link to view the item, will take you to the external source, where the real content can be viewed in its original form.


Users or documents that have been injected into the Workplace Search index can also include some state against them, with the intention that this is purely to be used by the synchronisation framework or synchronisation clients using the custom API.