Interact Marketplace integration can be used to search Google Drive, Task and Calendars.

Configuring Google Cloud Platform API & Services

  1. Within the Google Cloud Platform navigate to the API & Services Dashboard

  2. Create a new Project.

  1. Enable required APIs
  • Navigate to the newly created project via Project Dashboard;
  • Click 'Enable APIs And Services';
  • Search for and enable the APIs that are intended to be accessed from Interact. The table below shows the APIs that you are able to use with Marketplace.
Google API & ServicesIntegration CapabilityRequired Scopes
Google Drive APIProvides the ability to search Google Drive directly using Interact's search feature.DriveService.Scope.DriveFile,
Google Calendar APIOffers an Interact user the ability to access and manage their calendar directly from within Interact.CalendarService.Scope.CalendarReadonly
Google Tasks APIOffers an Interact user the ability to access and manage their tasks directly from within Interact.TasksService.Scope.Tasks


Enabling Google API & Services

It is recommended that you only enable the APIs which you intended to use within Interact.

  1. Specify User Type
  • Navigate back to the APIs & Services dashboard;
  • Go to the OAuth consent screen;
  • Specify the the User Type for the targeted audience of the integration. If you are unsure, you should choose 'Internal';
  • Enter your information for the fields provided for the steps 'OAuth consent screen', 'Scopes' and 'Summary'. Once this is done, navigate back to the dashboard. (By default, no scopes are needed)
  1. Configure OAuth Settings

From the Credentials tab, click 'Create Credentials' followed by 'OAuth client ID'. Specify the details outlined in the table below.

3352 1692
Application typeWeb application
NameSpecify an appropriate name.Interact Software Marketplace
Authorized JavaScript originsYour Intranet URL
Authorized redirect URIsAdd the following URL:



The Google Client Id is not generated and displayed until you save this screen. You can enter a dummy URLs and return to edit them after the Id has been generated. When they are shown, make a note of the Google client id and the secret for configuring the Interact Marketplace.


Redirect URL Deprecation

From 24th March 2021, Interact deprecated the use of the following Redirect URL -https://[YourIntranetURL]/google/signin-[Google_Client_ID]

Configuring Interact Marketplace

  1. From Application Settings > Control Panel > Marketplace, select Google
  2. Specify the Client ID and Client Secret from the Google API Project.
  3. Click Save.
  4. If planning to use the Google Search Connector, you must enable Google Drive in Application Settings > Control Panel > Manage Application Variables > Integrations.


Editing Marketplace Configuration

The editing of existing Marketplace Configuration options, will forcibly purge authentication tokens of all users who have used the integration requiring them to re-authenticate before being able to use the integration again, so that any scope changes can be immediately applied to the new access tokens (existing service provider access tokens won't automatically pick up changes until re-authentication.)


  • Interact uses the following API versions: Google Drive API v3, Google Calendar API v3
  • Google API Quotas can be reviewed and configured with Quotas tab within the Project Dashboard (API & Services)
  • The Interact Google Drive search is performed within the context of the user, so users will not be able to find documents or see documents that they don't have permission to see. Interact respects the permissions that are used within your Google Drive and Workspace environment'

Common Errors