Interact Mobile

Interact's mobile application provides the mobile user easy access to their Interact intranet system. Some important security features are described below.


Interacts mobile app uses the REST API to provide a mobile experience to your end users. Typically, authentication options and process match the configuration of your interact web application. If your users log into Interact through SAML, then they will do the same with the mobile app. Once authentication is complete, an access token is stored on the device using the device specific encryption.

Cached data

The mobile apps do not store any sensitive information on the device. All data is live loaded from the Interact REST API, except for the access token described above, a list of recent search terms, and configuration settings for your specific intranet. This does not expose any confidential or sensitive material.


The Interact Mobile app requires the following permissions

  • Use biometric authentication

  • Internet connection

  • Access Network State

  • Receive Push Notifications

  • Write to external storage

  • Record Audio

  • Camera

  • Read internal storage

  • Read external storage