Workday Connector

A Workday Connector can be accomplished via the General Profile Sources; to begin the process of configuration please contact your Onboarding Manager.


  1. Create a dedicated Workday account for Interact, utilizing standard login credentials without Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled.
  2. Grant this account access to a customized report containing the essential data for the daily feed operation (further elaborated below).

Here is an illustrative instance of a custom report with a single entry:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<wd:Report_Data xmlns:wd="">  
      <wd:User_Name>[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])</wd:User_Name>  
      <wd:User_Name1>[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])</wd:User_Name1>  
      <wd:Preferred_Name>Ruth James</wd:Preferred_Name>  
      <wd:primaryWorkEmail>[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])</wd:primaryWorkEmail>  
      <wd:Cost_Center>Client Services</wd:Cost_Center>  
      <wd:location>New York</wd:location>  
      <wd:Company>TEST 1</wd:Company>  
      <wd:Position>National Accounts</wd:Position>  
      <wd:businessTitle>Managing Director</wd:businessTitle>  
      <wd:workerManagers>Bob Smith</wd:workerManagers>  

Once these prerequisites are in place, initiating the process involves raising a Technical Support request. This request should include the URL to the custom report, along with the Workday account credentials. The Technical Support team will start by validating connectivity to Workday and the custom report. Once the report is downloaded and its format confirmed, collaboration with you will be necessary to map fields from Workday to Interact accurately. Your guidance is pivotal to ensure precise placement of all data.

Subsequent to this mapping, test runs of the integration will be conducted, which you should review within the "Manage Profiles" section. Upon successful testing, the integration will be scheduled to run daily on weekdays and Sundays. Notably, no runs occur on Saturdays due to Workday's Service Outage window.

The Workday custom report can accommodate additional fields beyond those outlined in the provided sample. At the very least, each person's email address, first name, and last name are essential. If you intend to incorporate manager information into the feed, similar to the General Profile source, it's important to note that manager data cannot be integrated unless the manager's user record is already present in Interact or is part of the same Workday custom report.

In cases where data from the Workday custom report needs to be stored beyond the capabilities of Interact's core fields, Additional Fields may need to be created. To do so, navigate to Application Settings > Manage People > Manage Additional Information and define the required fields. These additional fields can subsequently be integrated using the mapper process.

Additional Notes:`

-When you setup the account within Workday, it is recommended that the service account be setup with a password that doesn't expire.

-Due to the non-standard sizing of profile images within Workday, it is recommended to create a secondary General Profile Source for profile pictures. This will result in having two General Profile Sources registered, the first for profile data and the second profile images. Further information on setting up Workday Profile Images can be found here.

--Please note that integration runs are avoided on Saturdays due to Workday's Service Outage window.