Box March 2021 Update


You must update your Box settings on 24th March 2021

An update to the Marketplace framework will be released on 24th March. Redirect URIs must be updated on this date to ensure no loss of service to your Box search connector. Please follow the instructions below.

With the update to Marketplace that is set to be released in March 2021, existing users will need to update the Redirect URI associated with their Box application to ensure the consistent functioning of the Marketplace integration.

Please note, Box is only able to store one Redirect URI at a time. We therefore suggest that you update the Redirect URI as close to the release date (24th March 2021) as possible, as making the change too far in advance will lead to a sustained period of downtime for your search connector.

If you would like bespoke guidance as to the best approach to your organisation, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Step-by-step guidance for updating your Box Search Connector:

  1. Navigate to and select your Box application associated with Interact.
  1. Then navigate to the Configuration tab.
  1. Scroll down to the section titled OAuth 2.0 Redirect URI and replace the existing URI with https://{YourIntranetDomain}/marketplace/box/account/sign-in/oauth. Please note, Box is only able to store one Redirect URI at a time; refer to the top of the page for more information
  2. Once the new Redirect URL has been added, the Box application on your intranet will automatically update when the March 2021 Marketplace update is released.