Create a user and define profile attributes. This API will accept all profile fields and reject requests that don't contain mandatory fields.

The successful result is the new user ID.


The Active flag defaults to false, therefore if you don't pass it in as part of this request, the user will not be able to login or be returned in subsequent API calls.

    "Username": "david.smith",
    "Password": "Password1",
    "Title": "Mr",
    "FirstName": "David",
    "Surname": "Smith",
    "Email1": "[email protected]",
    "AboutMe": "I'm David Smith, I'm a Product Manager",
    "Active": "true", // The default is false, without setting this users won't be able to login
    "Address": "123 Test Street",
    "EmployeeNumber": "123",
    "JobTitle": "Product Manager",
    "ManagerUsername": "pablo.hernandez",
    "CompanyName": "Interact",
    "PrimaryLocationName": "Manchester",
    "PrimaryDepartmentName": "Engineering"