This endpoint allows the user to update and publish a specified build page. Use the following payload as the body of the request.

		"Transition": {
			"State": "published", // Pages will automatically be published
			"Message": "Test content" // This is used as the publish message
		"Page": {
			"ContentType" : "html", // only html is currently supported
			"TopSectionIds": [2740], // The section Id of the relevant content area to publish the content too
			"AuthorId": 264, // ID of the author creating the page
			"PublishAsId": null, // ID of the published as user. If this is null, the AuthorId above is used
			"AssetId": 250196, // Asset Id to use for the page asset
			"Title": "Keyword page!", // Page title
			"Summary": "Summary of page", // Page summary
			"Content": { // Appropriately escaped HTML that is used for the page body
				"Html": "<p>Content things here.<span class=\"mentionhighlight\" contenteditable=\"false\" data-personid=\"281\" data-type=\"Person\" href=\"#\">James Harris</span><span>&nbsp;</span></p>"
			"CategoryIds": [2744], // Ids of the categories the page is published too
			"Features": { // Page level features
				"DefaultToFullWidth": false, 
				"AllowComments": false,
				"IsKeyPage": false,
				"Recommends": {
					"Show": true,
					"MaxContentAge": 7
			"PubStartDate": "2019-01-01T11:10:46.3486271Z", // Dates should be in UTC format
			"PubEndDate": "2020-08-12T11:10:46.3486271Z",
			"ReviewDate": "2031-08-12T11:10:46.3486271Z",
			"TagIds": [], // IDs of hashtags to use
			"Keywords": ["Feta"] // Keywords to use

In order to publish a page, the authenticated user must have at least published author permission to the Top Section id and each of the categories specified.

For further example payloads, take a look at the POST method. The payloads are identical