Basic Information

Every API call requires at least two pieces of information:

  1. The ApiDomain (note: this is not the same as your intranet URL)
  2. The TenantGuid - this value uniquely identifies your intranet within the Interact architecture.

Retrieving this information is the first step in getting the most out of the Interact API.

To get this information you simply need to navigate to your intranet URL and append /info to the address. For example, if your intranet URL is, then navigating to will display the relevant information as shown below.

  "ApiDomain": "",
  "AuthMode": "local",
  "TenantGuid": "e822a190-a116-4779-ad0a-87631b51898a",
  "Name": "developer"

To consume the API you would then use the ApiDomain as the URL for all requests.


For example, given the JSON returned above an API call to the /token endpoint would send the relevant request to with a header of X-Tenant with a value of e822a190-a116-4779-ad0a-87631b51898a