Neutrino Teams Azure Set Up

Create a new Enterprise application within Azure with the following settings.

Azure Settings:

Create a new app registration within Azure Active Directory

  • Navigate to overview/app registrations & create new registration.
  • Enter application name, this can be anything suitable for the application.
  • Select single-tenant account types, to ensure only accounts within your organisation can use the teams application.
  • The page must be set up as a single page application.


Redirect URI:

https://{Your Site Address}/MicrosoftTeams/Display



Navigate to the authentication tab.

Enable Access Tokens & ID tokens.


Expose an API:

Set up the following scopes & authorised client applications for the Teams API to access user details.


Application ID URI:
This is the authorised client Id for Microsoft Teams which will be added below.

This scope is utilised by the Teams Authentication Library & must be in this exact format.

Client Applications:
These client Id’s are the Teams Desktop & mobile / Web application identifiers and used for the Teams Authentication Library to commicate with this app registration.

Api Permissions:

Add the following permission: access_as_user which will have become available since adding it as a scope in the previous section. This scope is utilised by the MicrosoftTeams Authentication Library, therefore required to access the user from the Teams client.


The app registration is now complete, please keep the app registration Overview Open whilst you follow the next document found here.